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MultiCORE Medical Solutions, is a division of U.S. based multiCORE International and the Medical Solutions division focused solely on bringing diagnostic solutions, innovative healthcare equipment solutions, and turn-key healthcare facility solutions to health care providers in the countries and communities where we live and work. We strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable diagnostic tools and are committed to applying our global resources to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases through identification. We are committed to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our industry colleagues to develop new business opportunities and innovations.


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Healthcare Construction Services

Healthcare Planning & Design

Healthcare construction projects require the highest levels of precision and experience because every healthcare project is unique. From new teaching hospitals, medical cities, hybrid surgical suites, to complex research centers; multiCORE’s hospital construction services are as varied as our clients’ needs.   We utilize our network of award winning healthcare construction professionals  who are experienced in delivering state-of-the art construction services for Healthcare construction projects internationally.


Unlike other hospital construction companies who merely manage the process, our hospital builders know what it takes to make all the facets of your project happen.


We design tailor made solutions, collaborating with hospital staff, design partners and industry specialists alike. Our extensive and well-tested processes in healthcare construction stems from successful completion of numerous hospital construction projects globally.

Today’s healthcare facilities are a world apart from those that preceded them. Practitioners have far more demanding needs; patients have far higher expectations.  MultiCORE will ensure that your goals are achieved.


Our primary objective is delivering a finished product that exceeds the customer’s expectations. We work with you to create quality experiences that embrace patients in a way that actually makes their otherwise difficult situation more enjoyable.  MultiCORE and our strategic partners have a thorough understanding of the strategic, operational and financial issues facing healthcare providers today.


We help you tackle challenges by mapping out a course of action that involves a relevant strategic plan that is operationally and financially feasible. Our significant expertise in strategy and planning allows us to assess a market quickly, recommend strategic initiatives, and translate strategy into practical action plans.

Medical Diagnostic & In-vitro Rapid Diagnostic Test

Medical Equipment & Supplies

The global market for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) has been estimated by independent research groups to be in the region of $38 billion with the expectation of annual growth to be around 9%. With the diagnosis of patients representing on average 6% of total costs within a nation’s healthcare system, while directly influencing over 60% of total costs, the use of rapid tests provides an accurate and cost effective alternative to screening to obtain early diagnosis to facilitate both treatment and prevention of many diseases.


Rapid tests symbolize a key part to sustainable health solutions for the developing as well as the developed world’s fight against the spread of diseases, whilst significantly reducing health care expenditures.


This is why multiCORE has developed key partnerships with diagnoistic testing companies to give our clients the latest technology and medical innovations in this exciting and growing medical field of diagnostics testing.

MultiCORE is committed to becoming a leader in supplying medical equipment and supplies to our clients.  This will be accomplished by carrying the highest quality of supplies and medical products.


MultiCORE has developed a vast network of vendors for medical equipment and supplies to further complement our Healthcare services.  We are able to provide an extensive selection of North American and European surgical, dental, veterinary supplies and equipment at competitive pricing.